Shooting on Jadoo: From Production Intelligence

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An appetising new feature about food, family and feuding is bubbling away in preproduction.

Jadoo’ is directed by Amit Gupta from his own screenplay, for which he drew on his personal, real life experiences. The story centres on two brothers, both chefs, whose falling out and resulting feud sees them set up rival restaurants, just across the road from each other.

However, their respective success or failure depends on the family recipe book, which they slice in half during their dispute, one taking the ‘starters’ and one the ‘mains’.

Shooting in Leicester runs for five weeks from March 5. Producers are Richard Holmes, Amanda Faber, Isabelle Georgeaux and Nikki Parrott; most of whom also worked with Amit Gupta on his critically acclaimed feature debut, ‘Resistance’.


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