Vodafone Becomes Yodafone

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Good news for unemployed Jedis this week. After having to sit back and watch Star Wars villain Darth Vader pick up high-profile ad campaigns for both VW and PC World, Jedi master Yoda (the short green one) has been called in by Vodafone to help promote smartphone services.

The big budget campaign is the first time Vodafone has used TV to focus on its mobile internet strategy. It is also the first TV ad from Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalf/Y&R which was appointed to the Vodafone account last autumn.

The decision to go with Yoda came after Vodafone research found that he appeals across age groups and gender. He is also intended to help the brand seem more playful and friendly. The production company on the ad is Gorgeous and the director is Stacy Wall. Post-production is by ILM/The Mill; audio by Wave.