FX Industry Invests In Young Talent

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UK Visual effects students are being given a superb opportunity to work with professionals at some of the industry's leading VFX companies thanks to an online coaching programme organised by Skillset.

A 30-week programme by CGCoach.com is connecting students with top talent from companies such as Double Negative, Moving Picture Company and Animal Logic, giving them guidance and insight into what it takes to forge a career in VFX. The Skillset-funded programme kicked off in September.
65 students from Skillset Media Academies at Ravensbourne, Glamorgan, Falmouth, Arts University College at Bournemouth, and Teesside University were put forward by course leaders to help them to progress with specialist work.
All coaching takes place online using Conceptshare, an advanced Flash-based toolset that enables participants to receive online feedback on their visual assets and project plans with an intuitive interface and the ability to make graphic annotations and comments on individual frames - allowing pinpoint detail from the VFX professionals.
Alwyn Hunt, co-founder at CGCoach.com, said: "Even though it is an integral part of working in VFX, many students are not confident sharing their work and accepting constructive criticism. This programme will allow students to become familiar with presenting their work frequently to an audience which includes both peers and mentors."
Skillset's head of development, Saint John Walker, said: "CGCoach gives these students the chance to attune their work to professional standards, no matter how geographically distant they are from the VFX companies in Soho. This programme will help the UK to foster top talent and give our industry an edge over the international competition."