Boots Kicks Out Airbrushed Ads

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A matter of weeks after L’Oreal was sanctioned by UK regulators for airbrushing celebrity models in its cosmetics campaigns, Boots has unveiled a campaign for cosmetics brand No7 which celebrates women in their natural state.

In its new Ta Dah campaign, developed by ad agency Mother, Boots will use non-airbrushed, age-appropriate models that have not had plastic surgery. The company believes that this approach will reflect the “truly eclectic and diverse nature” of British women, while not “misrepresenting” the efficacy of its products.

Echoing an earlier campaign by Dove (which also focused on real women), Feh Tarty, creative director at Mother, believes that No7 is “breaking the mould” by not manipulating the look of its models: “We have ensured our models represent all forms of British beauty, without cosmetic enhancements,” said Tarty.