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Sensor Media Hub provides audio description and subtitles across all platforms; TV and film, online streaming, recorded media, corporate videos, live events and the arts. We also provide dubbing and voice over services.

Like subtitles, audio description opens your content up to much wider markets, but it is still something of a mystery for many people and having to source it can be a little daunting. That’s where we come in: with 15 years’ experience we know what the growing demands are.

We know how to take your content and give it the best AD treatment. We will take care of everything from the scripting and recording to the final delivery in whatever format you need.

The more prolific audio description becomes, the greater the demands from the service providers and the end users. We’re here to help you uphold those vigorous standards.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @sensor_media

Lights, camera, caption! Why subtitles are no longer just for the hard of hearing https://t.co/drMK5fW09A



Production Type Year Role
Workplace Adjustments Corporate Video 2019 Audio Description
Holy Land Short Film 2019 Voiceover
Then Came You Film 2019 Audio Description


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Jez Watts Access Services Send a message T: 020 8707 6699
M: 07961 430303