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Tunnel Avenue
SE10 0PA

About Us

We support your VP production at every phase, offering both specific services, like script and tech integration support, and big-picture, comprehensive production management. We leverage our state-of-the-art virtual production facilities and experience.

Our services include:
-  Virtual Production Consultancy - Guiding productions from conception to delivery
-  Unreal Engine Art - Working hand-in-hand with a creative teams or full creative control, we ensure expectations are exceeded
-  End-to-End production services - To ensure any majority VP production is approached and delivered efficiently.
-  Crew Training - Demystifying the approach and technology to ensure success
-  Post-Production Excellence - VP can only drastically reduce post-production if it is approached appropriately. Our post-production services allows access to key processes which maximises VP
- Wet Hire - Our crew will ensure any VP, either at our studio or off-site, will be professionally run (only available with fully tested and approved virtual art)
-  Dry Hire - Either at our studio or off-site, our VP kit is available for experienced crews

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @https://twitter.com/MordenWolf


Production Type Year Role
STEPS Corporate Video 2021 VP Production
Snareby Moon Film 2021 VP Production
University of Colorado - Digital Transformation Corporate Video 2021 VP Production


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Rob Chandler Founder and CEO Send a message M: 07816 443782

Latest news

New VP LED Volume in Central London!!

This is exciting news!
We have just installed an LED wall at the studio which will be firing on all cylinders by early Feb 2024!
Combined with our VP Green Screen means that we have the only Smart Stage in London.
Smart Stages allows for filming VP in a number of formats but within the same space, so talent and crew don’t need to relocate. In actual fact you can just swivel the cameras from one type of VP to another without any major implications.
If you’re interested in a demo, just ping Rob one the details in our profile.