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UK’s Premiere Film, TV and Events Specials Effects company, based in Surrey, With over 30 years in the industry, SFX Supervisor Keith Harding and his teams provides daily SFX Services or complete feature film production SFX Services, including
Pyrotechnics & Explosions (explosions, squibs, hits, smoke, Air Mortars)
Car Crashes (remote control car rigs, canon rigs, propane poppers),
Fire (Flames bars, Flambeaux, Fire Pits, Flame Barrels Smoke effects),
Weather and Atmospherics (Rain Heads, Fog Machines, Co2, Haze machines,  Layflat Fog-Tunnels, Falling Snow machines and our giant Storm Wind machine).
Hits and Blood Effects (bullet hits, Air Squibs, Pyro Squibs, Blood Pumps
We also provide a vast range of off-the-shelf and custom built practical props and effects/P{roviding some of the most experienced crews and competitive on-set/location SFX services at some of the best rates in the Industry.


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Keith Harding SFX Supervisor Send a message M: 07770 747443