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34 Lulworth Park

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Ideally located to cover all areas including productions based at Pinewood, Elstree, Borehamwood, Arborfield, Leavesden, the Midlands, South Wales and beyond.

There’s no better way to keep cast and crew happy than to supply them with fresh barista-served coffee and a craft table full of tasty snacks and nibbles.

Our smart Volkswagen espresso coffee vans will provide unlimited hot and cold drinks plus, if required, a quality table of cold snacks to keep everyone going between main meals.

Or if you just want a coffee van, barista and some doughnuts, we can do that too!

Drinks: freshly ground coffees served by a friendly and experienced barista, regular and speciality teas, hot fruit infusions, Cadbury drinking chocolate, spiced chai latte, water (still and sparkling), fruit juices, milk (full, semi and skimmed). Our hot fresh ginger shots are always popular too. Iced coffees, smoothies and milkshakes if the weather is hot.

We always carry a selection of milk alternatives:
Almond, oat, soya, coconut etc

Snacks: assorted seasonal fresh fruit, freshly cut vegetables and dips, assorted Danish pastries, croissants, muffins, sausage rolls, samosas (meat and vegetable options), dried fruit and nut mixes, doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, cookies, granola bars, crisps and snack mixes, quiches, marshmallows.

We can also provide sandwiches, although we’ll need a little notice.

No room for a coffee van? We can send our compact coffee station that can be set up in an Ezi-Up, indoors, or even upstairs as it’ll fit in a lift.

We specialise in providing coffee and craft service to the film and television industry and have done for the past thirteen years.

Choose Volkscafe for your location craft service - it’s what we do best!

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role Company
Take Cover Film 2023 Coffee van & craft service
The Salt Path Film 2023 Coffee van & craft service
Phoenix Rise TV 2023 Coffee van & craft service
Sonic 3 Film 2023 Coffee van & craft service
Belgravia TV 2023 Coffee van & craft service
Bensons For Beds Commercial 2022 Coffee van