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Unit 10
Green Farm
OX27 7QU

About Us

Agog SFX is celebrating 25 years, with the company ethos scribbled on the workshop wall… ‘Everything is Important’, armed with a few rain-stands, a couple of Artem smoke machines and a few projects to kick-it-off from our barn workshop in Oxfordshire; Agog has steadily grown with state of the art CNC plasma, machining, welding, and additives facilities !

In 2022 we started a small expansion program to meet the growing need for regional crew. With team members such as Max from Glasgow and Roy from Yorkshire it was a given. Agog has now secondary office/workshop bases Up-North! initially in Glasgow (Govan) and now Leeds (Holbeck).  It sounds grand but we like to keep it personal and we only ever do a single project at any one time!

Agog @ Glasgow (Govan) - 0141 280 8202
Agog @ Leeds (Holbeck)  - 0113 730 3808

Agog continues to apply the same simple ethos to all projects, everything is important.. irrespective of complexity or budget! We continue to tailor effects and builds to match the creative thinking, the mood of the script and the fiscal needs!

Effects.. from eye popping pyrotechnic effects to creating dreary atmospheric conditions, such as; rain, snow, mist and fog special effects that with blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings or mood altering aura. We have created billowing smoke effects or fire flame special effects from a single match to flame throwers throwing a 30 metre flame downwards or an oil platform that’s engulfed in fire and black smoke! We can (and have!) design and build mechanical rigs to move anything from a tea-spoon to a 100 ft ship keeling over or even build floating platforms (ice breakaways) that have exceeded 40 metres in length. And the occasional prop builds from traditional cannon’s that propel footballs to remote controlled full-scale WWII military Tanks and not forgetting an in-camera 25mm tall nuclear styled mushroom cloud pyro effect!

A few kind words of thanks…

‘Agog and Jason’s skills in special effects are innovative, the approach is pragmatic, quality and attention to detail is foremost’.

‘I’m indebted to Jason and his team, the project was worth so much more than the money we paid them’.

‘Agog’s effects blended seamlessly into the script, environment and enhanced the movies’ look, untold’.

Each of our effects or rigs are carefully designed and constructed in the most cost efficient manner and extensively tested to achieve the desired result to perform perfectly in-camera.  Agog’s continues to provide a one-stop service of physical special effects for the film and television industry. Jason, who has 36 years of hands-on experience, formed the company in 1998 and from a fully equipped workshop in Oxford, we are able to supply any special effect envisaged from the smallest to the most complicated and deliver it, in-camera, anywhere in the world.

‘We prefer to manage projects and associated trades under the special effects department, from initial build to final paint and assembly on-set. We’ve found a single point of control improves communication, creativity, quality and production overview, reduces overhead, and always saves directors and designers time, especially on the day’!

Over the years Agog has invested heavily in buying the very best special effects equipment and developing bespoke equipment, eg., pyrotechnic control systems, both traditional rain and crane rain systems, wind machines from the lightest and softest breeze to 100mph gales, smoke and fog machines, with close on 2.5m worth of special effects equipment available for your production, all available for creative use ourselves (as we don’t dry hire) be that in feature films, commercials, pop promos, digital video shoots, virals and events to back you up. We’ll help you choose.. how to achieve mood, texture, expression or feeling, or simply point you at the right kit, whatever your budget!

Offering our increasingly budget-conscious industry resourceful thinking and problem free effects.

Mobile workshop facilities and workstations irrespective if we are working down the road in Toryglen or in Central Java.  Transport solutions including vans, quads, trailers and JCB Tele-handlers and fork-lifts even a 4.5m Rib!

The main site is situated off the M40 close to Oxford our 30,000 sq ft facilities include 2 fully equipped workshops providing, office, storage areas, hard standing with 18 steel containers and an off-site licensed pyrotechnic store in the Oxfordshire countryside with secondary facilities in Leeds and Glasgow.

Email:          office@agogvivid.com
Web:          http://agogsfx.com
Oxford:        +44 (0) 3333 448284
Leeds:          +44 (0) 113 730 3808
Glasgow:      +44 (0) 141 280 8202

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role
Bodies TV 2023 SFX Supervisor
Wednesday TV 2023 SFX Supervisor
Inside Man TV 2021 SFX Supervisor
Ikea ‘little robot’ Commercial 2021 SFX Supervisor
Anne Boleyn TV 2020 SFX Supervisor
The Eight Hundred Film 2020 SFX Supervisor


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Jason Troughton SFX Supervisor Send a message M: 07966 448282
Harry Troughton SFX Workshop Supervisor Send a message M: 07377 420708
Max Costello SFX Floor Supervisor Send a message M: 07900 688432