Next Disney film sets dates and locations

Next Disney film sets dates and locations

Disney”s major new film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is set to use Minley Manor in Hampshire as one of its locations.

We broke the news back in May that the Mouse House had once again chosen the UK as the main filming base for its latest blockbuster.

According to local news outlet Get Hampshire, which reported the film as unnamed, the feature is set to use the Grade II-listed manor house following a planning application at Hart District Council from an outfit called Mistletoe Pictures Ltd, which The Knowledge has confirmed is the company name used for the Disney project.

Also lodged with the council is a planning application for filming from Crooked House Productions Ltd, the company behind the Agatha Christie feature film adaptation Crooked House. Shooting is imminent.

The application for The Nutcracker project was submitted with a supporting statement by Planit Consulting, an acting agent for the production company. It is quoted as saying: “Works at the site will be limited to the temporary change of use of land and building for a maximum one-month period, with no requirement for set build or substantial set pieces.”

The statement continued to confirm that filming will also include the use of fake snow with 100-150 crew and cast expected on site during the filming days.

The manor house was built in the mid-1850s in the style of a French chateau, and has been used as a backdrop for films including Stardust and Die Another Day.

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Also on PI is a round-up of filming dates and key production personnel on Crooked House.

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