A Welsh wedding for Cassy and Jude

A Welsh wedding for Cassy and Jude

Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) are probably best known for their international co-producing work, having made films with production companies all over Europe.

In a rare UK-centric departure for the shingle, they are currently in development on Cassy and Jude. Michelle Lipton has adapted Dorothy Baker’s romantic comedy novel, about how 26 year-old Cassandra’s life is turned upside down when her twin sister announces she is getting married to a vet from New Zealand. Events become complicated as the date of the engagement party draws nearer.

For a while, it was on the cards that the majority of the shoot would take place in New Zealand, but it is now highly likely that shooting will get underway in Wales early next year. F&ME’s Mike Downey and Sam Taylor produce; Marc Evans directs. Stephen Daldry, who is affiliated with F&ME, is exec producer. Daldry is currently busy filming Trash in Brazil – read more on our sister site, KTV.

Further information on Cassy and Jude can be found on Production Intelligence, our online database of advance and archive productions.

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