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Each member of the Survival Wisdom team has real experience of survival in extreme hostile environments. With Armed Forces backgrounds that include helicopter pilot, RAF navigator, parachute jumping instructor, infantry and force protection specialists, there is nothing these experienced survival trainers haven’t faced. They have also prepared thousands of people to confront and deal with danger.

Their personal experience in unique wildernesses covering all climates means they understand survival. Their professional experience, training others and leading expeditions and operations across the world, means that they can share this knowledge.

Languages Spoken: Arabic

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Australian man trapped in dam with just nose above water. Great example of survival psychology, the "will to live" https://t.co/nDr88ac209


Production Type Year Role
Survive That TV 2014 Special Advisors and participants
Dude You're Screwed (USA) Series 2 TV 2014 Special Advisors and participants
Survive That TV 2014 Special Advisors and participants
Heart of Belize Film 2014 Locations Manager and Specialist Advisor
Dude You're Screwed! (USA Series) TV 2013 Special Advisors