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11 Fishguard Spur

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Shadow Onset Safety (S.O.S) provides comprehensive safety solutions, stunt rigging for high level environments, water environments including Swift water, deep water and power boats. Our multi trained rescue team can provide medical, fire cover, dog rescue and diving services.

We can undertake comprehensive health and safety services. Also provide risk assessment, and training prior to film, TV or commercial and event contracts. Ensuring knowledge and familiarisation of equipment and techniques used.

Our own PTI ensures all team members meet company performance ability
standards and a bleep test. Individual training programs ensure all team members are ready year round. We can also train and rehearse artists in order to fulfil their roles.

Rehearsal based training is also ongoing. Job specific event rehearsal is also carried out before more complex contracts or deployments.

Languages Spoken: French

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Production Type Year Role
The Bastard Executioner TV 2015 High level rope safety
Huntsman Film 2015 High level rope access
Midsomer Murders TV 2015 Series safety cover. Inc high level, safety boat, swift water, medic.
Human Remains TV 2015 High level rope safety/rigging
The Krays Film 2014 High level rope safety/ rigging
Top Gear 'Land Rover Challenge' TV 2014 High level rope safety/rescue