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Room 648 Props Building
Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath

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HSS Production Support

HSS Production Support are your total equipment hire partners, wherever youre working. Whether studio or location based, we can deliver everything from temporary power, lighting, heating and cooling solutions, right through to larger plant such as powered access. Plus we have all the support services you need, such as fuel management and staff training.

We understand the time demands involved in production schedules, but our national distribution capabilities and extensive branch network ensure youre never kept waiting for the equipment you need. Our specialist Production Support team are based in offices at Pinewood Studios and Shepperton Studios, and are there to support you wherever and whenever you need them.
We offer a huge range of specialist equipment, but even if you need something outside our core range we can still source it for you through our worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role
Space Bear Industrial UK Ltd Film 2016 IPAF Training
Taboo Ltd TV 2016 Pump Supplier
Calvin Productions (Life) Film 2016 Cherry Picker Supplier
Lighthouse Films Ltd Film 2016 Location Support
Warner Bros UK Feature Ltd Film 2016 Cherry Picker Supplier, Plant Supplier
Lunak Industrial UK ltd Film 2015 Cherry Picker Supplier