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Dee has worked extensively with professional actors for over 14 years on accents, dialects and vocal technique for film, tv and theatre.

The bulk of her work has been with actors needing to hone or improve their Standard English (RP) accent and also regional UK accents.

Actors Dee has coached include:  Stockard Channing, Roma Downey, Diogo Morgado and Azura Skye.

Coaching is available via Skype.


Production Type Year Role Company
A.D. The Bible (Film) TV 2015 Accent Coach NBC Network & Lightworkers Media
Son Of God Film 2014 Accent Coach 20th Century Fox
Kerry (Pilot) TV 2014 Accent Coach ITV/ NBCUniversal/Lucky Giant
The Bible (Mini Series) TV 2013 Accent Coach Channel 5 UK/History Channel USA/ LightworksMedia