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Ivory's Business Centre
Harper Lane

About Us

Established for over 35 years, with roots deeply embedded in car distribution and the film and promotional industries. We provide a wide variety of services, some of which are detailed below (please visit our website):

Advertising and Film Shoots:

Not only can we provide and deliver cars to your locations, we also provide technicians to maintain their appearance and precision drivers to move them around during film shoots and photo calls. We can provide Peelcote services, enabling cars to be sprayed with different colours or designs, then returned to their original colour without respraying.

Promotional Activities:

We provide a range of services including any form of show preparation, from removing all fluids through to providing installations for showing off cars at their best to on-site professional valetting to delivering to locations not designed for cars. Our staff can remain with vehicles during shows, ensuring they are maintained in pristine condition.


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