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London Road
OX33 1JG

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Audiomotion’s Motion Capture & Full Performance Capture services utilise cutting edge technology from Vicon Motion Systems.

With over 160 cameras and a brand new 10m x 18m x 6m capture volume, this is the largest performance capture space in Europe.

Services include fullbody, and finger capture, optical and headcam face capture, Realtime previs, casting, prop capture, animal capture and location services. With multiple stages, 3D scanning and character rigging services, we are bigger and better than ever.

Call 08701 600 504 quoting ‘The Knowledge’ for a free test shoot.

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Production Type Year Role
World War Z Film 2013 Motion Capture
Maleficent Film 2013 Motion Capture
47 Ronin Film 2013 Motion Capture
Cadbury Commercial 2012 Motion Capture
Wrath of the Titans Film 2011 Motion Capture
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Film 2011 Motion Capture


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Stacey Boisselle Preproduction & Producer Send a message T: 0870 160 0501 ext. 1205
Brian Mitchell Operations Director Send a message T: 0870 160 0501 ext. 1203
Mick Morris Managing Director Send a message T: 0870 160 0501 ext. 1202