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Any Effects are brand leaders for Physical Special Effects in Film and Television and Theatre. For over thirty years we have been providing exciting, cost effective and safe effects to significant productions. We started in 1980 with the simple (but rare) principle that all effects should ‘meet the brief’, ‘work first time’, and be ‘completely safe’ and we continue that challenge at the forefront today.


After 33 years’ experience in the top end action TV we are well positioned to provide immediate and cost effective solutions to your physical effects requirements.

Our depth of experience means we specialise in the more demanding technical areas of special effects requiring SFX DESIGN and ENGINEERING SKILLS.

Of course, general atmospheric effects such as SMOKE and WIND are provided to the same high standard.

Our RAIN CRANE is a unique self-contained rainmaking truck and can provide a delicate shower for a close up, or heavy rain falling from above or an instant drive by wet down.

FIRE and EXPLOSION have always been our speciality. ‘Maximum impact, minimum force’ is our watchword.

ANY EFFECTS has collected four RTS Awards and received an Emmy and a BAFTA nomination.

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Production Type Year Role
In The Flesh TV 2012 SFX Supervisor
Utopia TV 2012 SFX Supervisor
Resistance Film 2011 SFX Supervisor
Doctor Who TV 2010 SFX Supervisor
Sexy Beast Film 2000 SFX Supervisor
New Worlds TV

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We are proud to launch our new website


MSDC said “Tom’s brief to us was to completely rebrand AnyFX and express his unique style in a distinctive and memorable way. We developed the proposition that ‘AnyFX is for when you need more than special.’ Those in the business will know this film is a far cry from the usual run of the mill, “crash bang wallop” showreel with a pumping techno soundtrack. “