Shepperton Studios invests £1m in biodiverse river walk

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Studios WalkShepperton Studios has officially opened the River Ash Corridor, known as Studios Walk, on completion of the biodiversity enhancements they have carried out in partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council. 

The £1m investment into Studios Walk, that runs along the studios’ boundary, aims to maximise the wildlife and ecology of the site, providing a pleasant and green environment for the public.

The future maintenance and preservation of the site will be carried out by Spelthorne Borough Council, funded by Shepperton Studios with a £300,000 grant to be allocated over the next 15 years. 

The improvements include additional benches, extended pathways, a pedestrian bridge that creates a 1.75km looped walk, the installation of bird and bat boxes and the establishment of wildlife refuge areas.

The River Ash and Studios Walk has a long-standing association with Shepperton Studios, having provided the backdrop for scenes in 1951 classic The African Queen. 

Shepperton Studios Walk
Corporate affairs director Pinewood Group, Andrew M Smith, said: “We are extremely pleased to have delivered the biodiversity enhancements of the River Ash corridor ahead of schedule.


"We hope the rejuvenation of this valuable resource will be enjoyed by our neighbours and the local community of Spelthorne for years to come.”


Cllr Malcolm Beecher, chair of Spelthorne Borough Council’s environment and sustainability committee, added: “…The project has opened up a new walking route that will allow residents to roam amongst the trees and enjoy views of the river from areas which were previously inaccessible.


"We hope residents enjoy sightings of kingfishers, stag beetles and all of the other wonderful wildlife that call the River Ash and its surroundings home.”


Images: Kwasi Kwarteng, MP for Spelthorne, at the official opening event, and Studios Walk, both via Pinewood Group.. 


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