HETV Skills Fund cap to increase

ChloeThe cap on the production sector’s contributions to the High-end TV Skills Fund is set to increase from the spring, going up to £66,300 for projects with a budget of less than £5m per broadcast hour. 

The HETV Skills Council, which includes industry body Pact, has agreed the rise based on the consumer price index plus £2000. 

In 2021/22, 184 HETV productions paid into the fund. All contributions from the fund are invested in training and workforce support for professionals at varying stages of their careers. It also goes towards bringing new entrants in the industry. 

In return for their contribution, productions are eligible to receive up to 60% of the value of their contribution back in skills support, and can also benefit directly from some of the training and placement opportunities the fund invests in. 

Funded initiatives include the step-up programme Make a Move, progression programme Leaders of Tomorrow, new entrant programme Trainee Finder, leadership management training and mental health awareness training.

For productions with a budget of more than £5m, the cap will remain at £100,000.


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