Sky sets 20% BAME target

Bulletproof Sky has set out a target for 20% of its workforce to be from a BAME background by 2025, with black people comprising at least 5%. 

Of Sky’s UK & Ireland employees who disclosed their ethnicity, black, Asian and minority ethnic representation is currently 14.7% and black representation is 2.7%.

The company will also apply the target to its leadership team of around 300 leaders, which is currently comprises 1% black and 9% black, Asian and minority ethnic. 

Teams within Sky will be set specific targets based on the demographics of where they are based, their colleague attrition and professional pipeline. 

Sky will also look to improve its talent pipeline and tackle systemic barriers to access to the industry. In the last two years Sky has refreshed the language used in job adverts to be more inclusive; introduced an aim to ensure shortlists are reflective of location when hiring; advertised roles in places that attract more diverse candidates.

Last week Sky confirmed the appointment of Denise Peart as Chief Talent, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and announced the members of the Diversity Advisory Council.

Stephen van Rooyen, EVP & CEO UK & Europe Sky said: “Last year we said Sky could, and should, do more to improve diversity and inclusion in our own business, and to support the fight against racial injustice. Over the last few months, we’ve been listening to all our colleagues and today we’re making some ambitious commitments around representation at Sky.

“There is clear evidence that businesses with greater cultural and ethnic diversity perform better. Getting this right will enable us to make better business decisions; develop better content on screen, see more innovation off screen and improve diversity and inclusion across the industry.”

Peart added: “Introducing these targets acknowledges that we have more work to do in ensuring our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues are fairly represented at all levels, and across all areas of Sky. Our focus will be on making systemic changes to ensure that we recruit, retain, develop and progress these colleagues, whilst holding ourselves accountable for meeting these targets. This will allow us to continue to take positive steps in becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.”

Bulletproof image via Sky.