Jack Thorne co-writes factual drama

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BBC TWo BBC Two has commissioned a new factual drama from Jack Thorne and Genevieve Barr, based on the true story of a direct-action campaign that led to the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act twenty-five years ago. 

Independence Day? How Disabled Rights Were Won (w/t) is from Dragonfly Film and TV - marking the factual prodco’s first foray into drama - and One Shoe Films.


The drama centres on Barbara Lisicki and Alan Holdsworth, two disabled cabaret performers who met at a gig in 1989. They fell in love, had a baby and would go on to become the driving force behind DAN - the Direct Action Network.

Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two, says: “The story of Barbara Lisicki and Alan Holdsworth’s Direct Action Network is a vital piece of modern history and I am so delighted to announce this factual drama about their campaign.”

Thorne added: "I can't tell you how exciting it's been working with the brilliant Genevieve Barr and Dragonfly on this script. DAN changed the world through their actions, and they have never been properly celebrated for it, in this film we want to do that in a way that lauds their true punk spirit."

Barr commented: “It is humbling to be part of the extraordinary team that is Jack Thorne and Dragonfly, and be able to bring this story to life. DAN created opportunities and rights for so many of us disabled and to be able to say thank you in this creative way is really special."

The executive producers are Richard Bond, Tom Pullen and Jack Thorne.