Mental health advice from Film & TV Charity

HappinessThe Film & TV Charity has laid out a series of steps to help maintain good mental health during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

The organisation, which recently joined forces with the BFI to launch a financial support fund, has grouped the advice into key pointers, including ‘seek help’, which includes links to support lines, and ‘anticipate distress’, which contains links to sources that can help manage anxiety. 

There are further sections on keeping active, staying connected, and choosing reliable sources of information. 

The charity, which has partnered with Mind on its advice, directly addresses the creative sector:

“We understand the huge stress and worry that COVID-19 is placing on you, especially on those who are freelance. 

“But you’re also part of a brilliant, successful, creative community. It’s important to remember that feeling anxious is a natural reaction to stressful events and that there are things you can do to manage your mental wellbeing.”

Full details can be found here, along with links to pages on financial advice and general support. 

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