Two courses from The Production Guild

Prod Guild The Production Guild is running two courses in March – one on High-End TV Leadership and Management and one on Film Workflow for Production. 

First is the day-long session on leadership and management, which takes place on 18 March at Pinewood Studios.

The course will cover areas of recruiting and managing a new team, including recruitment and selection, setting expectations, dealing with different personalities and motivating your team.

Prod Guild high-end TV leadership

It is designed for both experienced managers and those progressing to their first management role in production. 

The deadline for applications is 10 March; click here for more details

Film Workflow for Production is being held on 25 March, also at Pinewood Studios.

The course is run in association with the Guild of British Camera Technicians and is aimed at production crew who are experienced at working with digital capture but have little experience of working with film. 

Workflow Production Guild

It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of shooting on film and the effects on production. Participants will learn how to track and order film stock, as well as how to accurately record usage.

The deadline for applications is 15 March; for more information and how to apply click here. 


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