Dungeons & Dragons to film in the UK

Dungeons & DragonsWarner Bros.’ big-screen iteration of the famous role-playing fantasy war game, Dungeons & Dragons, is set to shoot in the UK next year. 

The film is in the very early stages of pre-production and has a team of LA-based producers at the helm including Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, whose recent credits include The Lego Movie which took over $469m worldwide. The screenwriter is David Leslie Johnson (Wrath of the Titans, The Conjuring 2). 

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Dungeons & Dragons was first published as a fantasy tabletop role-playing game in 1974, and has since become one of the most successful in its genre with an estimated 20 million people having played it around the world. The game has won many awards and been translated into several languages. 

Speaking to Collider.com earlier this year, Lee had this to say about the project: “This new Dungeons & Dragons will be a Guardians of the Galaxy-tone movie in a Tolkien-like universe. Because when you think of all the Hobbit movies and The Lord of the Rings, they have an earnestness to them, and to see something fun, a Raiders romp inside that world, I feel is something the audience has not seen before.”

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