Actor’s memoir prepares to film

Gloria GrahameA feature film based on Peter Turner’s memoir, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool is currently in pre-production, with shooting due to get underway this summer. 

As a young actor living in London, Turner had become friends with, and later the lover of, Hollywood movie star Gloria Grahame (pictured) considerably older than him and known for films such as The Bad and the Beautiful – for which she won an Oscar – and Oklahoma. 

In 1981, Grahame collapsed in a Lancaster hotel and ended up living out her final days in Turner’s chaotic family home in Liverpool as she refused all professional medical help. 

The producer of the big-screen adaptation is listed on PI, along with the director - a production company has been set up specifically for the project; PI subscribers can follow the feature for updates on HoDs. 

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Gloria Grahame photo via Getty Images/Disney ABC Television Group/ABC Photo Archives.

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