New travel fund launched for north-east crew

VeraThe Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) and Northern Film & Media (NFM) have launched the North East Travel and Subsistence fund (NETS) to aid crew with travel and subsistence costs.

To be piloted over the coming year, the fund will support experienced film and TV crew in the north-east, whose welfare and professional security is being put at risk by having to absorb extra travel and subsistence costs, an issue which stems from increasingly prolific production hubs being based a long way from the north-east, such as London and Manchester. 

The NETS fund will be open to applicants with at least two years’ professional experience in any behind-the-camera role, across production, post-production and exhibition. 

It will offer awards of between £150 to £1,500 per person, to help meet travel, accommodation and other subsistence costs incurred by north east-based professionals who have to travel to other regions of the UK to build their client base, meet with commissioners or purchasers, or access training and professional networks to help develop their careers.

Financed by the CTBF, the UK charity for people working behind the scenes in cinema, film and commercial television, and distributed by NFM, the North East’s creative development agency, the new NETs scheme will be jointly administered between the two organisations.

Kim TserkekieAn example of how important funding for transport can be in advancing a career in film and TV is writer/producer Kim Tserkezie (pictured right) who, as a recipient of a CTBFJohn Brabourne award this year, has used her funds to help with travel and subsistence costs. 

She found the funds essential in establishing her own drama and comedy production company based in the north-east, Scattered Pictures.  

John Tulip, managing director, Northern Film & Media said: “One of the things we hear from colleagues most often is that the cost of regular travel to maintain professional networks, pitch for work and secure training can be cripplingly expensive – especially if there is an additional need for overnight accommodation. 

“We also frequently hear that even small amounts of money can be of vital importance in keeping things afloat. We are delighted that the CTBF have been so ready to support this initiative, and we look forward to being able to implement this practical and much needed support.” 

For more details on the NETS fund and how to apply, please click here


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