Shiny new idents for Film4

Channel 4 has unveiled a series of new idents for Film4 as part of a refreshed on-air brand identity.

Designed to reflect Film4's commitment to cinema, the series of idents were filmed on five locations and all include some clear homages to famous films as well as more oblique nods for film buffs to find.

London-based design and motion studio Manvsmachine conceived, designed and directed the idents under the creative directorship of Daniel Chase, 4Creative's head of on-air promotions for Film4.

The idents all have the same themed in-camera visual device, stacking living scenes to create the effect of a moving film strip. This meant that for most of the idents the camera had to be passed through the floors and ceilings of the locations and involved digging holes in the ground of the exteriors, and building interior locations as sets mounted on decking.

Laura Ward, group marketing manager of Film4, said: "Film4 is a trusted editor of choice to our audience. With that in mind, it was important that our new on-screen branding reflected our passion and commitment to film. Our updated look welcomes all film fans, whether spotting hidden references in the new idents, or simply enjoying having the scene set before watching a great film."

You can see the idents below, along with a 'making of video'.