Tom Hiddleston in Jaguar campaign follow-up

Jaguar has released an online spot starring Tom Hiddleston, in which the Brit actor explains how to act like a super villain. Created by Spark 44 and promoting the F-TYPE Coupe, it follows on from Jaguar's Super Bowl ad which made its debut earlier in the year.

tom hiddleston jaguar

While listening to one of Shakespeare's Richard II speeches, Hiddleston pulls into an underground car park where he reveals his four steps of villainy - sound, style, drive and plan. As well as having an uber-cool car and actor in the campaign, it also features a pretty snazzy soundtrack to boot.

Directed by Rouge's Mark Jenkinson, the two-and-a-half minute web film follows on from Jaguar's Rendezvous TV commercial, which also starred Hiddleston and two other A-list British actors (Sir Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong) asking the question: why are villains in Hollywood movies British? The commercial made its UK premier earliere in the month.

The new web film, called The Art of Villainy, forms part of additional online content, which features interactive links and "villainous" tips and instruction videos.