Production Guild's short courses schedule

production guideThe Production Guild has released details of forthcoming short courses covering topics ranging from film finance to shooting abroad. Costs to attend start from around £100, and are open to members and non-members. For further information and to book your place, visit their website or drop them an email


Where's My Money?
Confused by film finances?  By the end of this course, you will have an awareness of how to manage film finances from various sources and managing cash-flows, including tax credits, escrow accounts etc.
19th June 2013 Production Guild Offices
Cost: £120 (+VAT) Members; £200 (+VAT) Non-Members


Script to Budget Week
Want to learn the process of scheduling and budgeting rather than just
the nuts and bolts of the software?  This 5 day course takes you through the processes, and teaches you everything you need to think about when scheduling and budgeting a film.  Using our short film training script, you will get the opportunity to work out your own schedule and budget and then get feedback from industry experts.
Cost: Members:
 • Scheduling Only (16th – 17th April) - £300 (+VAT)
 • Budgeting Only (18th – 20th April) - £450 (+VAT)
 • Full Course (16th – 20th April) - £750 (+VAT)
Non Members:
 • Scheduling Only (16th – 17th) - £500 (+VAT)
 • Budgeting Only (18th – 20th) - £700 (+VAT)
 • Full Course (16th – 20th) - £1000 (+VAT)


Do They Speak English?
Never filmed abroad?  This one day course will give you an understanding of foreign filming, the pit-falls, how it differs from UK filming and how to approach foreign filming.
Cost: £120 (+VAT) Members; £200 (+VAT) Non-Members


Greens - Making Your Production Sustainable
Confused by what this actually means and costs?  This one day course will de-mystify the process and the costs of creating an ‘environmentally friendly’ production.  How have other productions addressed this issue?  Come and find out!
Cost: £120 (+VAT) Members; £200 (+VAT) Non-Members

BECTU – Creative Industries Safety Passport
Want a real qualification in H&S in only one day?  Come and join us on this very popular BECTU course that is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) valid for 2 years.
Cost: £120 (+VAT) Members; £200 (+VAT) Non-Members


Driver training for film production
Most of us have a driving licence but few of us are trained to drive.  Many crew members are asked to drive large vehicles without the knowledge to do so costing the production in time and damage to locations.  Learn to identify vulnerable members of the production community and help to improve driving standards in the industry.  Know what it is like to drive a HGV?  Come and give it a try.
Cost: £180 (+VAT) Members; £250 (+VAT) Non-Members


Episodic Budgeting for High End Television Dramas
If Pattern and Amort budgeting sounds like a foreign language, then this
course is for you.  Get up to date with the US method of budgeting for high end television dramas to meet the demand approaching with the introduction of the television tax incentive.

Working with SAG and DGA payrolls
Does this fill you with dread?  This one day course will summarise the key points and look at the magic software that does it all for you.