Simon's Cat tops 1 million subscribers on YouTube

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Shortform animation series Simon’s Cat has reached one of YouTube’s major milestones – 1 million subscribers. 

This places Simon’s Cat in an exclusive club along with the likes of pop group One Direction and Adele, being one of only eight UK YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers.

The feat is made all the more impressive because the Simon’s Cat YouTube channel only has 23 videos, among the lowest number of videos with which a channel has topped 1m subscribers.

Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat said: “I’m really happy that Simon’s Cat continues to entertain so many people. And I’m grateful for the massive support the fans have given me and the team since we started on YouTube.”

The online popularity of Simon’s Cat has led to a raft of consumer products being launched globally – as well as an extensive publishing programme. United Agents appointed Zodiak Rights to build the UK licensing programme for Simon’s Cat in 2010 and the business continues to expand in 2012. Jennifer Lawlor, SVP, Consumer Products, Zodiak Rights said: “Simon’s Cat achieving this benchmark demonstrates the passion and affection so many people have for our favourite feline. We’re thrilled to work with the Simon’s Cat team and great licensees to expand the programme.”

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