C4 Greenlights Brace Of Commissions For Waddell

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Channel 4 has commissioned Northern Ireland’s Waddell Media to produce an hour-long documentary following Countdown's Nick Hewer as he drives 4,000 miles to deliver a saw to a young, struggling carpenter in Sierra Leone. 
Nick Hewer's Road Trip (w/t) was commissioned by Ralph Lee and Lina Prestwood, the director is Nick Read and executive producers are Jannine Waddell and Robert Thirkell. 
Prestwood says: "It's great to be working with Nick Hewer and Waddell on this fascinating documentary, which follows him on an epic and wholly-unexpected charitable act - viewers can expect to see Nick in a new and surprising way."
Channel 4 has also commissioned Waddell to make a new run of  religious, moral and ethical series 4thought.tv. Airing daily after Channel 4 News at 7 o'clock, 4thought.tv features people of from all walks of life, talking directly to camera about dramatic incidents in their lives. 4thought.tv was commissioned by Ralph Lee and Lina Prestwood, Series Editor for Waddell Media is Eamon O'Connor. Prestwood added: "I'm pleased to recommission 4thought.tv - it is a hugely-valued series which continues to demonstrate, daily, that faith is still a vital part of people's lives in modern Britain."