Top Gear Live Ad Rolls Out Nationally

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A new TV ad for Top Gear Live has just started airing nationally on Dave, Sky, ITV and online.

Mike Fisher, creative director at Sequence Creative, came up with the idea for the ad, partly inspired by the style of the Kanye West POWER video. Blending a flame-spitting Monster Truck, roaring rally cars and super-cars such as the Aston Martin V12 Vantage, he created a jam-packed scene in studio space at 3 Mills. To bring the shot to life, he chose a 30ft reach tracking vehicle, allowing the camera to draw back from a close up of The Stig's visor, gradually revealing the host of exotic vehicles, background action and additional special effects.

Shot on RED with DOP Paul O'Callaghan, the piece was then posted almost entirely in After Effects back at Sequence Post, blending rotoscoped layers with bespoke animation elements.  It was finally mixed, graded and delivered for online and TV.

According to Fisher:  "The concept was about creating something visceral and exciting. We placed Stig in the heart of the action and filled the frame with cars, smoke, flames and explosions creating a spectacle that mimicks the live Top Gear event. It was one of the craziest shoots I've been on!"

Producer and Colorist Ben Foakes added:  "It's a dream for Sequence to work with the Top Gear brand.  Cars and motorsport are at the heart of our business since our initial heavy involvement with all things Formula One.  It was a great project to work on, with a great client and a passionate team".