T-Mobile launches Royal Wedding spoof ad

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A lot of companies have been trying to cash in on the Royal Wedding through films, TV and merchandise. Now, courtesy of T-Mobile, the advertising industry is in on the game.

In a piece of online work which is based on a famous YouTube video from 2009, ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi has created a spoof wedding procession which sees look-alikes of William, Kate and their extended family dancing up the church aisle. Somewhat tenuously, T-mobile has linked the execution to its Life's for Sharing brand positioning.

The campaign has not been particularly well-received by commentators within the industry, many of whom regard it as derivative and not especially brand-connected. But the audience seems to like it. At the time of writing, it had gone viral, achieving an impressive 4.5m views via YouTube – a scale of response that is sure to make the client happy.

The ad is only intended for the internet. The creative team behind it is Paul Silburn and Lovisa Almgren-Falken. The ad was directed by Chris Palmer and produced by Gorgeous.