DNeg and Framestore Among BAFTA SFX Nominees

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The BAFTA Awards are on February 13th, with The King's Speech expected to cash in nicely on its 14 nominations. But raise a cheer also for the technicians and craftspeople that bring the directors' visions to life.

In the special effects category, for example, Double Negative (DNeg) has been nominated for its work with director Christopher Nolan on Inception. The film presented a mammoth creative and technical challenge to DNeg, "calling for mind-bending visual effects, such as the city of Paris folding in on itself and the creation and destruction of the modernistic Limbo city, and has been critically acclaimed since its release".

In the same category, Framestore has also been nominated for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Framestore's contribution included the creation of Dobby and Kreacher and the magical, animated storybook sequence. Christian Manz led the Framestore team.