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Studio 6C
Oldknows Factory

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Upper Cut Productions Ltd is a leading provider of remote aerial filming and photography in the UK with over 10 years experience. If youre looking for a creative, reliable and perfectionist drone crew to work with, youve landed at the right place.

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Twitter @uppercutprod

A quick collection of clips from our filming with the Invictus Games 2016. Shot with drones, pole cam, MoVI & Segway https://t.co/aXHfdikGKR



Production Type Year Role
Jerusalem TV 2018 Drone
Emmerdale TV 2018 Drone
Black Earth Rising TV 2017 Drone Filming
Slaughterhouse Rulez Film 2017 Drone Filming
A Private War Film 2017 Drone Filming
Guernsey Film 2017 Drone

Latest news

Slaughterhouse Rulez - In Cinemas Now

We worked on Slaughterhouse Rulez last year flying the Alta 8, Movi Pro and Alexa Mini. It was a great production crew and lots of fun.

Check out the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVzhqPC-CCM