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303 The Pill Box
115 Coventry Road
E2 6GH

About Us

So Speedy is a leading provider of transcripts and translations to the UK television industry.

We have thousands of programme credits, in all genres, working with all the major broadcasters in the UK - and many beyond. We also work on feature films, online content, and everything in between.

Our services include post-production scripts; translations; CCSLs; subtitling; and general interview transcripts.

Our translations division, which we started in 2018, has grown to become the biggest translation agency in the UK specialising in broadcast content.

Our regular clients include BBC, Sky, ITV, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Channel 4, Five, UKTV, MTV, Hulu, and Discovery. When production managers find us, they tend to stick with us for years. We take relationships like that very seriously.

We understand the business. We know the pressures of time and money productions are under. Drop us a line. Let us make your life easier.

Languages Spoken: English, French, Japanese


Production Type Year Role
Panorama TV 2020 Interview Transcripts
The Graham Norton Show TV 2020 Post Production Scripts
The Trip to Greece Film 2020 Post Production Scripts
Worzel Gummidge
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire