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7 The Smallholdings
Off Clockhouse Lane
TW15 2HB

About Us

Welcome to Martins emporium

My name is Keith Martin and I am a retired pig farmer who never liked to throw anything away so please seek in the hopes that you will find.

Rustyoldstuffnfings has a wide range of items which include: Old tools and equipment, Sheet of rusty tin and junk of all kinds, Radiograms and Records, Kitchenware, Quality and burnable furniture, Organs and Pianos, Butchers equipment, Scales, Milk churns, Glass butter making churns, Old electrical lighting switches and Heaters, Mega testers, Volt testers, Cameras, Hairdryers, Suit cases, Televisions, Computers, Stoneware jugs, Stone sinks, Rough iron and yard gates, Pig sty doors, External and Pine doors, rusty Wheel Barrows, old Iron and York stone Rollers, Farm equipment, Plastic and Rusty Steel drums, Galvanised Dustbins, Rotting wood, Bicycles, Lawn mowers, Fridges, Benches, Cookers, Washing mashies, Mangles, Exercise equipment, Bio-diesel making equipment, Chickens, and many unusual curiosities.

Have fun


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