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7 Flaghead Road
BH13 7JN

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Emergency Medical and Rescue Support for Film and TV

Our film location medics come from NHS emergency services backgrounds and have extensive experience of working with TV studios, either on set for a long running series or one off locations in the UK or abroad.  Premier Medics will select someone to support your team throughout the production.

Assessing the various risks against industry standards, we tailor our emergency medical services to meet your specific needs. We ensure the safe medical management of those attending and provide the best possible pre-hospital care. Whether you require first aid cover, a Paramedic, a Covid Supervisor or a full medical team, we will provide you with experienced staff to provide safe and high-quality care.

We provide the right team, at the right time with the right equipment.

Languages Spoken: English

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Here is Alice our Covid Supervisor, at the end of filming for Alan Carr's Epic Game Show last week. Our Team thor… https://t.co/f4pAvmBEux


Production Type Year Role
The Curse TV 2021 Medic, Covid Supervisor
Interior Design Masters 2 TV 2020 Paramedic
There's Something About Movies TV 2020 Paramedic
A League Of Their Own TV 2020 Paramedic
Mission Impossible 'Fallout' Film 2018 Stunt Medic
Eastenders TV 2018 Paramedic


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Jane Samsa Director Send a message T: 07968 183054
M: 07535 413303

Latest news

Location Recces with Covid Supervisors

Jane, Hannah and the Premier Medics team, are working well with productions that need to work with tight COVID control measures.  If you have a location short list and would like it looked at from a COVID Risk assessment perspective, then our COVID supervisors can join you on your Location recce.  We also tailor a service to suit the size of your production with combined Paramedic/Covid Supervisor roles available. Give Jane a call on 07968183054 for details on how this could work for you.

Premier Medics Response to Stricter Guidelines

With the increase in the number of positive tests and the recent government changes related to COVID, it is very important that Producers are able to rely on competent medical service providers.  Premier Medics will be an essential resource to monitor and maintain your Covid Risk Assessment practices throughout shoot days, supporting productions in meeting the expectations and requirements of the guidance set out by the BFC and APA.
We will carry out “arrival” temperature checks, supervise the maintenance of social distancing, ensure the correct wearing of PPE and make certain that essential hygiene measures are being taken, all as a standard part of each unit medics role, in studio or on location. Where COVID test swabs are required by Production, our professionals will carry out procedures and assist with any forward planning to ensure that every member of the cast and crew is kept safe and well. Any questions relating to COVID and the risks involved can be answered by our qualified medical practitioners who have worked ‘frontline’ dealing with COVID patients.