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Sandy Cottage
Tinsley Green
West Sussex
RH10 3NS

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As an intermediate member of the British Stunt Register Pablo is able to perform and coordinate his own stunts given the nature of a job where no other performers are involved.

Pablo moved to the UK in 2001 and immediately after, he saw himself involved in the film industry due to his sports performance background. 

In 2010, after much training, Pablo qualified as a professional stunt performer and entered the British Stunt Register.

Pablo has also studied drama courses in London, UK in order to complete his performances. At the present he enjoys playing roles, doubling actors and performing in various TV series, commercials, films and motion capture projects.

He also works hard to stay in touch with his Spanish roots and, when he can, supports film projects and production companies on a local level in Spain. Pablo is originally from Valencia, on the east coast of Spain.

Languages Spoken: Castellano, Catalan, English, Spanish

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Production Type Year Role
Waiting for Anya Film 2018 Stunt Double
The Voyage of Dr Dolittle Film 2018 Stunt Performer
Artemis Fowl Film 2018 Stunt Performer
Bounty Hunters 2 TV 2018 Stunt Double
Good Omens TV 2018 Stunt assistant coordinator
Harlots TV 2018 Stunt Performer


Name Role
Natasha McKenzie-Verdejo Assistant Choreographer