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Why use On Set Traffic Management Ltd:

Our tried and tested service of which has operated since December 2011, we and many others believe is second to none. Further, because we offer traffic management services exclusively to the film, TV and event industries, we can solely concentrate on the task at hand without distraction or deviation. Further, we will assist with the planning stages! And with your manual or mechanical stop and go traffic control: or road closure and traffic diversion requirements:

Our services are safe and reliable and we understand your vital requirements. Furthermore your commands and communications are received and executed with maximum efficiency helping the shoot and traffic control to run smoothly:

Our traffic operatives are presentable, location aware, well mannered and specifically skilled to work with your 1st AD and his team. Furthermore we ensure a decent approach when
communicating with motorists being controlled, helping to defuse delicate situations should they arise with potential irate and unsympathetic individuals.

What services do we provide:

We will carryout a site visit at your location to determine your shooting plan and street layout. In addition, advise on related control and safety matters thereto. Thereafter we provide detailed traffic management plans, risk assessment, method statement: and proof of our £10million traffic management insurance of which your Location Department may submit these legal documents within the required time frame to gain permission from the related Highways Department for us to carryout your traffic control. Furthermore, the site visit may coincide with the location tech recce, or council meeting if required, thus ensuring clear communication is established at an early and vital stage: “We’ve Got Your Back”

Finally, we provide our licensed and experienced personnel, TM signs, equipment and transport and additional signs and safety apparatus are all provided at no extra cost to our transparent and simple rates. In addition, we can also provide special made signs on request.


Production Type Year
Red Joan Film 2017
Mini Commercial 2012
Renault Clio Commercial 2012
DFS Sofas Commercial 2012
McDonalds Christmas Commercial 2012
Direct Line Commercial 2012