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212 South Liberty Lane
Ashton Vale Trading Estate

About Us

Mangostone specialises in the fabrication of props, sets, models, creatures, animatronics and sculpture for the television, film and advertising industries.

We also create retail environments, public artworks, installations and exhibits for museums and visitor attractions.

We have a 4500 sq ft workshop in Bristol, where the talent is plentiful and the costs controllable. Facilities include a large walk-in spray booth, laser cutting, vac forming, moulding and casting, carpentry and metal working. We have associate companies specialising in CNC Cutting, 3D scanning and 3D printing, robot carving and PU foam spraying.

Mangostone recently completed two projects for the oscar-winning Aardman Animations and we are currently making animatronic creatures (with cameras for eyes) for John Downer Productions of “Spy In The Wild”™ fame.

Whether it is the seed of an idea or fully resolved designs, at Mangostone we have the expertise and experience to realise your vision.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @Mangostone01

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Production Type Year Role
Mowgli, Legend of the Jungle Film 2018 SFX Props
Dammy the Beaver Commercial 2018 Sets and Props
Hunter Killer Film 2018 Props/Set Fabrication
Mowgli Film 2018 CNC SFX
The Commuter Film 2018 Set Mock-up
Star Wars, the Last Jedi Film 2017 Set construction components