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Jason Troughton (SFX Supervisor) has been creating physical and practical special effects for more than 30 years. Jason’s first SFX supervisor role was on the cult movie Sexy Beast in 2000. This kicked off Jason’s career and his company AGOG SFX with a string of horror classics such as Seed of Chucky, Hills Have Eyes and Mirrors. This is intermixed with other classics such as the BBC’s award winning Krakatoa and Jonathan Glazer’s amazing Sony Bravia ‘Paint’ commercial, along with Peter Weir’s The Way Back, Ralph Fiennes directorial debut Coriolanus and ,more recently, Luca Gaudagnino’s critically acclaimed movie A Bigger Splash.

Jason’s quiet, pragmatic and enthusiastic approach to physical and practical effects provides an unrivalled quality across any genre. Always finding creative solutions in far flung places across the globe (5 continents and 38 countries), whether it’s creating pyrotechnic and explosion sequences with materials not always associated with cinematic uses, he is equally versed in creating heightened atmospheric conditions, such as; rain, snow, mist and fog elements that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings. He utilises local SFX teams with select key members, blending talents and a skills base to create memorable vivid, high reality special effects sequences.



Production Type Year Role
Seed of Chucky Film 2004 SFX Supervisor
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Film 2005 SFX Pyro Supervisor/Senior Tech
PU 239 Film 2006 SFX Supervisor
The Hills Have Eyes Film 2007 SFX Supervisor
Mirrors Film 2008 SFX Supervisor
The Invisible Woman Film 2013 SFX Supervisor