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Norsted Manor Farm
Norsted Lane
Pratt's Bottom

About Us

For more than 25 years we’ve been delighting the taste buds for the cast and crew of some of the world’s most famous films and TV productions.

Tasty and nutritious food freshly cooked just for you.
We specialise in catering for film and TV having earned a reputation for providing the very highest standard of cuisine in any type of location, anywhere.

We’re opening the door to a fairer world where food waste is off the menu with our open fridge service.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @fayredo

Most satisfying things in the world: 1) Peeling off iPhone packaging 2) Cutting a perfect slice of cake 3) Rolling… https://t.co/GF260l64yn


Production Type Year Role
The Kid That Would King Film 2018 2nd Unit Caterers
Disobedience Film 2017 Main Caterer
Swimming with Men Film 2017 Main Caterer
Born a King Film 2017 Main Caterer
Purge of Thrones TV 2017 Main Caterer
Hatton Garden Heist TV 2017 Main Caterer