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Erol is highly qualified in Health & Safety Management for Film & TV. With 100+ credits and over 22 years of experience in a variety of productions around the world and is a full member of Equity.

A Fight Coordinator - Stunt Performer with a passion to create and develop effective and safe fight action scenes. As an ex-London Firefighter, able to deal with highly intense situations.

My history includes a vast amount of work as a Fight Coordinator and Stunt Performer. I was an instructor at The Action Academy, teaching different styles of combat, helping people understand the many considerations and variables of a fight scene.

I have been part of the ongoing development and changes in health and safety for over 22 years, in the workplace and for productions. Understanding the moral, legal and economic responsibilities involved in a world where there is always an element of risk.

I can do script breakdowns, risk assessments and create a budget for a fight action scene. Taking into consideration locations, sets, props and the capabilities of those involved. Making ample time for rehearsals and monitoring safety.

Whilst working in the UK and abroad, I have built my knowledge and developed different skillsets within the industry. Learning about the many aspects of a production and building relationships with those involved.

I enjoy guiding and supporting those who are involved in a fight scene, building their confidence and bringing out the best in them in a safe environment. Creating a controlled, monitored and adaptable routine to suit all. Supporting actors and the whole production team.

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Languages Spoken: English



Production Type Year Role
No Time to Die Film 2020 Stunts
The Batman Film 2020 Stunts
Gangs of London TV 2020 Stunts
Venom 2 TV 2020 Stunts

Latest news

'Gunshot reactions - say hello to my little friend' by Erol Mehmet

Many factors have to be taken into consideration when reacting to a gunshot in a fight scene for the big screen, TV or other productions. This article is ideal for someone who wants to understand the basics.

Are you thinking about becoming a stunt performer? This is for you.

**“Say hello to my little friend.”**

It’s that famous quote from the movie Scarface starring Al Pacino, a movie that is jam-packed with gunshots and good reactions.

*Spoiler alert (if you haven’t seen the movie).

At the end of the film, Tony (Al Pacino) knows that he won’t survive, so he decides to get as many bad guys as possible before they get him. He takes a grenade launcher-equipped M16A1 and shoots many before he is taken down too. Find out more about the movie here. 

**Good reactions…**

Reactions to a bullet shot are clearly explained by Andreas Petrides, a Stunt Coordinator, founder and instructor for the British Stunt Academy.  Andreas explains, “wherever the bullet shot hits you, that should be the first reaction point. It’s like being punched.”


'10 considerations when choreographing a fight scene' by Erol Mehmet

It’s not just about throwing punches and hoping it looks good…

Many factors have to be taken into consideration when creating a fight scene for the big screen, TV or other productions. I’m not going to give away secrets or tricks of the trade or claim I am an expert at everything. I’m here to share my knowledge and experience that I have gained over 20+ years in the stunt business. I’m just going to cover the basics, touch on different aspects - the things that people ask me who are interested in what I do or they want to start a career in acting or stunt performing.


In a nutshell…

Let’s begin with this…

A choreographed fight scene for the big screen, TV or any other platform for entertainment is usually an impressive illusion of physical combat without causing harm to the performers.

That’s the goal anyway but accidents do happen sometimes, it’s all part of the job. 

Obviously, there are different types of fight scenes and we will cover that in another article. This is just a quick look at the many aspects of creating a realistic and safe fight scene for entertainment.

A quick bit about me…

I not only perform and choreograph fight scenes, I also chaperone actors during their performance on set, making sure whatever they contribute to a scene is done safely and effectively.  With years of experience in the London Fire Brigade, I have a good understanding of risk assessments and know how to handle a ‘heated’ (excuse the pun) performance where movements can go wrong with a misconception of timing and distance between two or a group of performers.