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Terry English / English Arms and Armour have been supplying the film and entertainment business for over 5 decades. We specialise in building made to measure suites of armour in light weight metal along with an extensive stoke of wearable armour for hire, from various periods - We also create SciFi armours and fantasy suites working in metal, plastics and leather.

Over the past years we have created many pieces for various productions including Excalibur - Aliens 2 and 3 - Mr Freeze (Batman and Robin) - Gladiator - King Arthur - Clash of the Titans - Harry Potter - Snow White and the Huntsman - Thor 2 - Highlander - Joan of Arc (The Messenger).

We make crowns, neck chains, and various other regalia items. Terry is also an accomplished designer and model maker.

English Arms and Armour will be pleased to create the ‘Magical Look’ for your production.


Production Type
Transformers Film
Excalibur Film
Clash of the Titans Film
The Man in the Iron Mask Film
Just Visiting Film
Far From the Madding Crowd Film


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