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Elements Special Effects can provide you with an efficient, safe and communicative special effects crew to realise all of your ideas on time, on budget and without stress for your commercial, film or TV production.

Created in 1997 by Johnny Rafique and Nick Rideout, who between them have over 40 years experience in the business of special effects, we have since grown to become one of the leading special effects companies in London.

We can offer a full range of special effects including pyrotechnics, atmospherics, prop making and special engineering. Our crew are multi-skilled and come from a variety of different backgrounds including engineers, sculptors, designers and effects technicians. This collective of talent allows us to offer you solutions to all the demands that you may have for an effects department.

Languages Spoken: English

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Fantastic news again for all the nominees #BAFTATV #KillingEve @sidgentlefilms @KristianMilsted we are proud to have been part of it



Production Type Year Role
Peterloo Film 2018 Special Effects
Juliet Naked Film 2018 Special Effects
King Of Thieves Film 2018 Special Effects
Yardie Film 2018 Special Effects
Killing Eve TV 2018 Special Effects
Vanity Fair TV 2018 Special Effects


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Johnny Rafique SFX Supervisor Send a message M: 07968 613030
Nick Rideout SFX Supervisor Send a message M: 07968 613040