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DrivingPlates.co.uk is the European office of the world’s primary resource for 360 degree library and production specific street background process footage.  All captured with our patented 9 camera array for use in VFX blue/green screen compositing, or for playback on ‘in camera’ LED screens or back projection systems and in virtual production environments.

DrivingPlates.co.uk has over 10,000 clips, from 120 cities in 28 countries, all available for instant preview without a log in, so if your scene is in Padstow or Paris, Birmingham or Belize, Edinburgh or Bangkok or Seoul or Marrakech or Tokyo… we’ve already been there for you, and if your deadline is tight, we pride ourselves on fast delivery, often same day.

If we don’t have what you need we can shoot for you, as a standalone team of two or as part of your location unit, our kit travels with us anywhere in the world.

Languages Spoken: English

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Lights rigged up at Cinema Production Services 💡 Our colleagues at Green Light VFX used DrivingPlates material to d… https://t.co/DKCOG17nME



Production Type Year Role
Cobra TV 2020 360 Street Backgrounds
Gangs of London TV 2020 360 Street Backgrounds
Brassic S2 TV 2020 360 Street Backgrounds
French Exit Film 2020 360 Street Backgrounds
Strongbow Commercial 2020 360 Street Backgrounds
The Irishman Film 2019 360 Street Backgrounds