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SO7 Forgeside House
Cardiff Bay Business Centre
CF24 5FA

About Us

Doing Good Catering Ltd and We Are Doing Good Ltd are film caterers operating across the UK offering sustainable catering to crew sizes of 240 or less.  We have support vehicles, kitchen trucks, gazebos and everything else needed to run location catering.

We offset our carbon emissions by planting 1 Giant Sequoia tree per client per month plus whatever profits are left at the end of the year we spend on reducing food poverty via delivering free cooking sessions or providing fresh food free to groups in Cardiff.

Languages Spoken: English, Welsh


Production Type Year Role
The Gallows Pole TV 2021 Caterer
The Amazing Mr Blunden TV 2021 Caterer
Men Film 2021 Caterer


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Emily Williams Managing Director Send a message M: 07888747338

Latest news

Green Catering Firm puts Giant Sequoia Trees on the Menu

Cardiff film caterer to plant Giant Sequoias in Abergavenny
Cardiff film & TV caterers Doing Good Catering Ltd today announced its partnering with the One Life One Tree project to plant Giant Sequoia trees in Abergavenny.

The aim is to plant one Giant Sequoia tree each month for every production it is catering for.

Based in Cardiff, Doing Good Catering is the UKs only not-for-profit film locations caterer.  Emily Williams, Managing Director of the sustainable catering firm says, “it’s not enough to buy compostable packaging or source ingredients from local suppliers.  These trees eat 10x more CO2 per acre than natural UK trees so we want to make sure we contribute to a better future.”

“We use the profits we make from film catering to deliver free cooking sessions across Cardiff.  Planting Giant Sequoia trees in Abergavenny is a fabulous addition to our green initiatives”.