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Unit 1
The Vynes
Warden Road
Totland Bay
Isle of Wight
PO39 0AD

About Us

We pride ourselves in providing a professional, individually individually tailored solution to all your specialist fire cover and support service requirements. We cover a wide spectrum of services for the film and television industry, including the following;

Action vehicles – fire appliances and crew for film and television in-shot services, modern fire kit including helmets and professional, experienced fire-fighters
SFX Cover – using experienced professional fire-fighters with film industry experience and specialist safety advisors
SFX Support – bowsers for wet downs, supply of water for rain-making, high powered fans and smoke generators, positive pressure ventilation system allowing buildings to be cleared of smoke within minutes for re-takes
We supply RTC rescue apparatus, jaws of life etc for stunts.

We offer extensive experience in both the firefighting industry and film and event support at competitive rates.

We have access to contemporary vehicles, the highest standard of equipment, professional experienced crew and safety advisors.

Cini Fire Tech can offer a dynamic service for both UK and overseas clients.

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Production Type
Les Miserables Film
The World's End Film
A Good Day To Die Film
Downton Abbey TV
Fast & Furious 6 Film
Fury Film


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